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Unfortunately, we can never be fully certain of what life has in store. Covid-19 and the furlough scheme has highlighted how important it is to have a back up in place if you were to lose your income. We aim to look after you on every step of your journey through life, from buying your first home to ensuring you are protected. Buying a property is likely to be the biggest financial transaction you will ever make, it is imperative you are protected. We offer a range of products, the main ones are described below.

Life Insurance

This is designed to give your family a tax free lump sum payment that will help minimise the financial impact your death could have. You can use it however you feel is best suited, that could be to totally clear or significantly reduce your mortgage balance, alternatively it could be saved to generate as a regular income. A life insurance policy will be paid out upon death or on diagnosis of a terminal illness, typically where life expectancy is estimated to be 1 year or less.

Critical Illness Cover

This will also provide you with a tax free lump sum payment, which is paid upon diagnosis of a critical illness. Unfortunately nobody is exempt of becoming seriously ill. If you were to suffer from a critical illness, there could be serious financial implications potentially at your most vulnerable point. The conditions covered within the policies will vary from each provider, therefore it is important to get our expert advice on what is most appropriate for you.

Income Protection

If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, you will receive a monthly tax free payment until you are able to return to work or the policy term finishes.

Home Insurance

This is another area that our insurance specialists can advise you on. Having home insurance in place will ensure that you are covered against the unexpected. Your property is likely to be your most expensive asset, it is important it is protected. We will offer products to protect you from loss, theft and damage. We provide two main types of home insurance.

Buildings Insurance

You will need to have adequate buildings insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding your property and this will be a condition the mortgage offer. You do not have to take out a policy which is offered to you by the mortgage lender, you can take out a policy with any provider on the market. We will review the market and find a policy that both suits your needs and meets the requirements of your mortgage.

Contents Insurance

We will advise you to protect the contents of your home from loss, damage and theft. We’ll work with you to properly assess the value of your house contents, including any high value items or bicycles that will need to be specified within the policy. Again, we will review the market to find the most suitable policy to meet your requirements.

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