Mortgage Top Tips

Take your time

Don’t feel pressured by other viewers or the homeowner. This is your chance to see the property for yourself, so take the time to explore everything you can to get a feel for the place, and whether or not you want to live there. Leave time to check out the nearby streets and the local neighbourhood for a better overall impression.

Test things out

Don’t be shy to go around and test out the little things – turn on taps to see how good the water pressure is, open windows to see if they have been fitted properly and generally have a good poke around. It might seem a little awkward, but the little things also matter! Test how long it might take for you to make the school run. If you can, talk to the neighbours as well.

Be pragmatic

It can be quite easy to walk into what seems like the perfect home and envision your life there. If that happens, half the battle is won but don’t let that stop you looking for the things that can turn the dream into a nightmare. This also works the other way – don’t let a few small or superficial issues put you off what could be a beautiful new home.

Ask questions

This is your chance to ask the questions that matter! If the current owner has nothing to hide, it shouldn’t be a problem. Bring a list if it will help you remember. Ask everything you can think of, such as why the property is available, how long it’s been on the market, what the neighbours are like and how old the roof or boiler is.

Bring a second opinion

If you can, bring someone along to view the property with you. Having a second pair of eyes might spot things you have missed and can give a neutral and pragmatic perspective if needed.

What about outside

How do the front and back areas look? Try to look at the roof tiles, are any missing or are things in disrepair. Check the exterior pipe and drainage situation and make sure that there aren’t any potential issues that you may have to face down the line.

Check for Damp

If the house has signs of damp, this can cause significant problems in the future, and lower the overall value of the property. Check for flaky plaster and watermarked walls, especially around ceilings and skirting boards.

Storage Space

Think about all of your furniture and belongings. Does this property look like it has enough room, or will it end up being cluttered and cramped? Practical things such as hoovers and cleaning materials need to go somewhere.

Room for guests

One of the perks of having your own home is the scope for having friends and family over. Is there a good sized living room, dining room or kitchen space? If you’re looking forward to entertaining guests, make sure you have space for them first!

Go back for a second look!

With so many things to think about, covering all of the points in one viewing might not be so easy so going back for a second look is always a good idea. There might have been something you missed, or maybe it wasn’t as good as you first thought on further reflection. Going back for a second look can either confirm your first impressions, or change them completely.

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Like all mortgage brokers, we will receive a fee from the bank when the mortgage completes. However, unlike most brokers we don’t choose to charge you on top of this. Our commitment to you is that we will always be fee free.

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We take time to compare the market to make sure you get the most suitable and most cost effective product to meet your needs. We will even have access to products your own bank cannot offer to you!

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Everyone’s circumstances are different and also every mortgage lenders criteria is different. Therefore we take the time to fully understand your circumstances to make sure that your mortgage is approved as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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